Ahad, 6 Jun 2010

Baby Animals

      Thousand of baby animals are born every day. Feathery chicks and scaly lizard hatch from eggs.On hot, grassy plains, furry lion cubs and big baby elephants are born. A furry baby animal grows inside its mother's milk. The milk helps the young animal become strong and healthy. Baby birds are fluffy, but when they get older, such as owls, to  fly and other birds, such as penguins, to swim under water. Most baby reptiles, such as crocodiles and turtles, hatch from an egg. Scaly babies are often fully formed and look like tiny adults. they can look after themselves straight away.All kinds of babies live in seas, ponds and rivers. Some water babies, such as fish, can breathe under water. Whales, dolphins and hippopotamuses must swim to the surface to breathe.some animals build nests or dig burrows for their babies. Others set up home in caves or tree hollows. There are also some animals that keep their babies on their bodies. Many baby animals stay with their mother or group until they are big enough to find food  for themselves. They leave when they can walk, run or fly properly.

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