Jumaat, 30 Oktober 2009

Simple introducing about me (my self)

My hensem friends Azam ad Iman Zulhaqim..

My name is ISMAT AFIF, i live at kampung Penagatan Laut Keningau. Now i'am 9 years old and sit in year three class. My parents jobs is a teacher at SKPK. When i was adult i want to be like my parents that there like helping people, generous, and hardworking always. I love my parents and all my family.
My hobbies is reading books, watching televisyon and swimming in the river near our house. I like to eat fried noddle, chicken rice and most to dringking milo pink. I have many friends in my class, they is Leon, Azam, Iman, romex, Nazrin and the last one is Nazmi. They is very good friend and always together with me wherever at time rest.
My school is very good places and all of the teachers is very love us. Oh! my teacher class is Pn. Piah Ak Langit. We like her becouse she is very good teacher. In the free time usually i like to reading Inggeris book story, i read the book story with my brother. My brother is Irfan. He is funny...becouse he always distrub my time reading book. Irfan want to bring me to playing foot ball outside our house. But! i dislike to playing foot ball with my brother. I like reading book at time my rest at 2 a'clock until 4 a'clock. I cannot waste my time rest.
That is simple my self. Hehe! i want to study inggeris in my blog. So dont anggry me when my inggeris is broken.
Tq.see u.

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